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 continiues leson 1-2-3

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continiues leson 1-2-3 Empty
PostSubject: continiues leson 1-2-3   continiues leson 1-2-3 EmptySun 9 Apr - 13:00

it can be change status of harmony and .
For example

if word ending with a hard wovel and consonant ,you must add a hard wovel.
For example
Bilgisayar = computer

my computer
Bilgisayar + ı + m

i was Add "ı" before "m" because this word ending with back/hard wovel"a" and "r" (consonant)
for this We must add a wovel beetwen "r" and "m" for harmony.

if word ending with a soft wovel and consonant,you must add a front/soft wovel
for example
notebook =defter or notdefteri..

my notebook
defter + i + m
i hope you understand Smile
my english bad.
Admintrator can change it if my english bad
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continiues leson 1-2-3
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