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 Headscarf and European Union

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Headscarf and European Union Empty
PostSubject: Headscarf and European Union   Headscarf and European Union EmptyThu 29 Jun - 4:43

06.29.2006 Thursday - ISTANBUL 13:31 - ZAMAN

Headscarf and European Union

[...] The Commission, issuing annual progress reports on Turkey since 1998 has not mentioned the headscarf issue as a “problem” in any written document yet. The EU By religious freedom means only the religious rights of minorities and the Alevis, while ignoring the rights of 99 plus percent of Muslim majority.
The problems of the minorities and Alevis should certainly be mentioned and their rights should be protected. However, when the headscarf problem is not mentioned at all, does it not mean that “Brussels can ignore seventy-five million Muslims and restrict its definition only to few minorities?”?
I had asked former enlargement commissioner Gunter Verheugen about the headscarf. “There is no consensus opinion on this issue among the member countries.” he responded. I posed the question before the Commission time and again, every year after the progress reports are issued. The response is always the same. [...]

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Headscarf and European Union
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