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 Lesson 4: Consonnant Harmony

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Lesson 4: Consonnant Harmony Empty
PostSubject: Lesson 4: Consonnant Harmony   Lesson 4: Consonnant Harmony EmptyMon 19 Dec - 8:51

First of all, let me tell you that if you don't master this rule, don't worry cos many Turkish folks are like you! Laughing
So even if you make mistakes, you'll be easily understood, so keep cool ! afro
Still, I wanted to inform you of this rule cos it's gonna make u life easier when you're looking up for a word in the dictionary.
For instance, if your Turkish lover (and I'm sure you have one...) writes you "meleğim" (= my angel), don't spend your time looking for “meleğ” in the dico!!! jocolor “angel” means “melek”, but if a vowel comes after the k, this letter turns to a ğ.

the rule is quite simple:

The letters p, ç, t, k become respectively b, c, d, ğ as soon as they're fllowed by a vowel. (due to your adding an ending)

This rule works mainly with 2 syllable words. (eg : et becomes eti, so no change).


Dolap (cupboard) = dolabı
Dalgıç (diver) = dalgıcı
Geçit (way) = geçidi

But there are also exceptions, as in every rule... Suspect

Here's an exercise for the bravest among you: Replace the words between ( ) with their Turkish equivalent and with the relevant endings and consonant changes.

1/ Bu (book/kitap) satın almak istiyorum.
2/ Eyvah! Ali (my fish/balık) yedi!
3/ Haydi dostum! Bu akşamki futbol (match/maç) beraber seyredelim!
4/ Ay! Dikkat etsene, (my foot/ayak) bastın!
5/ Kırmızı (hammer/çekiç) bana verir misin?
6/ Şu (horse/at) güzelliğine bakın!
7/ (my watch/saat) bozulmuş.
8/ Şu budist (temple/mabet) süslerine hayran kaldım.
9/ (my fast/oruç) bozdum.
10/ (the victory/galibiyet) kazandık.

Quick quality translation 6 cents/word
or 4 pence/word
(native Turkish professional translator)
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Lesson 4: Consonnant Harmony
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