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 help with a letter please

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help with a letter please Empty
PostSubject: help with a letter please   help with a letter please EmptyFri 4 Aug - 4:19

i want to send a letter to some friends but i dont know any turkish at all PLEASE help me thankyou very much

hello boys we hope you are all keeping well and keeping busy.
we hope you all like the presents we have sent you, each one has a special meaning to each one of you, just to let you know we hav'nt forgotten you. we often look at the photos and remember the fun we had with you all, and we will deffinatly be back next year so you had all better still be working at the a' lora bar as it wont be the same without you. we have both given up our jobs as we are starting out own business, we will be running a cafe, we will be launching it at the end of August, so keep your fingers crossed that it all goes well for us, as we could be millionaires next year

Ali: We hope your business goes from strength to strength as you work so hard and you deserve to be sucessful.

Obn: If you stop smoking the wacky backy you will realise Margarita is a donkey not a woman hahahah, keep up the good sounds.

Musti: Make sure you have 2 vodka red bulls ready for us next year, hope you like the pen it reminded us so much of you, keep smiling you little cutie.

Hyri: What can we say "BOOBS" thay are not the real thing, but they made us smile whan we thought of you.

we miss you all, keep e mailing and texting please, dont forget us.

love and kisses Candy and Jackie

im sorry its a bit long but if you could help with this i would be eternaly grateful thankyou again.
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help with a letter please
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