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 Lesson 5: VAR / YOK

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Lesson 5: VAR / YOK Empty
PostSubject: Lesson 5: VAR / YOK   Lesson 5: VAR / YOK EmptyMon 19 Dec - 8:53

These are 2 essentials words that anyone striving to learn Turkish should know. Don't worry: it's extreeeeeeemly EASY!

VAR = means the presence, the existence of something, and/or the possession.

YOK = means the absence, the non-existence of something, and/or no possession, well, just the exact opposite of VAR. In the colloquial language, it can also mean “no”.

VAR = usually translated as There is/are; I/you/he/we/etc. have/has, or in other ways according to the context. As to the translation of YOK, again it’s just the opposite.

Let’s see a few examples:

I have a friend. (arkadaş ) = arkadaşım var. (word to word , it reads: frıend+my+I have)

I don’t have any frıend. = arkadaşım yok. (frıend+my+I don’t have)

There is some milk in the fridge. (süt/buzdolabı ) = Buzdolabında süt var.

There isn’t any money in the wallet. (para/cüzdan) = Cüzdanda para yok.

Exercise: form sentences using var and yok and the given vocabulary.

1. There are four people here. (dört/kişi/burada) =
2. I have a pen. (kalem) =
3. He doesn’t have any time. (vakit) =
4. There isn’t anyone at home. (kimse/ev) =
5. I have seven children. (yedi/çocuk) =
6. We have a lot of work (to do) today. (çok/iş/bugün) =
7. There aren’t any students in the class. (öğrenci/sınıf) =
8. I have a big garden. (büyük/bahçe) =
9. There isn’t any doctor in this village. (doktor/bu/köy) =
10. I have a beautiful necklace. (çok güzel/kolye) =

Good luck! Wink

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Lesson 5: VAR / YOK
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