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 please help me urgently

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PostSubject: please help me urgently   please help me urgently EmptyMon 7 May - 14:14

Can you pleaee help me with the following translation from English to Turkish? I really need to send it very urgently because otherwise the guy I met in Turkey will believe I don't care about him because I couldn't say good-bye to him.Thank you in advance and God bless you.

Dear Mert,

I am sorry that we could not say good-bye to each other but I try to say it at least now. I would have liked to see you again until our departure. Anyway I wanted to say that it was a great pleasure to have met you , you are a really special person,very gentle and patient , that's why I think you are made for your profession . I would like so much to stay in touch with you and although the language of coommunication between us it is not easy to be found I think we can succeed.

Oh, I have just got a new ideea in my mind, If you don't have other plans and you have time,what about visiting Rome,my town in July? If you agree you'll be my guest and I'll show you around and maybe so you will help me to learn a little Turkish and I will help you to learn a little English. So what do you say?
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PostSubject: Re: please help me urgently   please help me urgently EmptySun 9 Sep - 9:04

Here you go:

Sevgili Mert,

Ne yazık ki birbirimize hoşçakal diyemedik, ama en azından şimdi söyleyebiliyorum. Seni gitmeden önce bir daha görmek istiyordum. Neyse, seninle tanıştığıma memnun olduğumu söylemek istiyordum, çok özel birisin: çok kibar ve sabırlı birisin, ve bu yüzden bence işine uygunsun. Seninle sohbet etmek istiyorum, ama birbirimizin dilini bilmediğimiz için bu biraz zor.

Yeni bir fikrim var, zamanın varsa, ve meşgul değilsen Temmuz’da Roma’daki benim kentime ziyaret edebilir misin? Gelebilirsen benim misafirim olursun ve beraber gezebiliriz ve belki bana biraz Türkçe öğretebilirsin ve ben sana biraz İngilizce öğretebilirim. Ne diyorsun?
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please help me urgently
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