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PostSubject: Religion/Culture/Customs   Religion/Culture/Customs EmptyWed 22 Apr - 4:47

Hello All

I wonder if you can help me please........

My partner is Turkish and I'm English, we were due to get married in 5 weeks time but sadly his mother has passed away. He has been in turkey for several weeks caring for his mother.
Our wedding has been cancelled but when I enquired about a new date, he has advised me that he can not get married for a further 9 months to a year, something about a local custom where he lives, (ankara/Akasary)
Sorry if i'm being rude but i dont understand this especially as my partner has lived in the uk for 20 years, surely he would not need to carry out this local custom as he does not live their and also their must be a custom he can not live with me unless he is married? I'm finding this diffuicult to understand how he can chop and change his mind. He is more then happy to return home to be with me but cant marry me for this amount of time.
please dont think im being rude im just struggling to understand.
Your help would be much appreciated
Thank you


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