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 Lesson 1: The Turkish Alphabet

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Lesson 1: The Turkish Alphabet Empty
PostSubject: Lesson 1: The Turkish Alphabet   Lesson 1: The Turkish Alphabet EmptyMon 28 Nov - 6:32

Writing and reading in Turkish is as easy as can be ! Smile
For example, in English, for the sound o you’ll have the choice between ou, ough, o, ow, oa, etc. Just imagine those poor Turks who strive to read English !!! Shocked
But in Turkish, for the sound o you’ll have only one choice : o, and that’s all ! You lucky English folks ! bounce

Here is the Turkish alphabet :

a b c ç d e f g ğ h i ı j k l m n o ö p r s ş t u ü v y z

Pronunciation guide:

a as in car
c as in joke
ç as in chat
e as in pet
ğ this letter is soundless. It's purpose is to elongate the nearest preceding vowel.
i as in lip
ı as in Table (the sound between the b and the l)
j as in measure
o as in story
ö as in bird
r a slightly rolled r, a bit like in Spanish but less rolled.
ş as in sheep
u as in put
ü like the u in French or ü in German

Golden Rule of pronunciation:

The worse you’ll pronounce, the more charming you’ll be! Wink

So please, don’t make any effort and let us enjoy your foreign accent ! cheers

Quick quality translation 6 cents/word
or 4 pence/word
(native Turkish professional translator)
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Lesson 1: The Turkish Alphabet
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